Vlog #3 – Catholic on YouTube

Vlog #2 – You do not have to be perfect

Vlog #1 – Testing

Faces of Mercy Welcome Message

Michelle Arnold Paine has curated a traveling show with CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts) called Faces of Mercy. This is the welcome video for the show’s first stop at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest California.


Vlog – Eucharistic Adoration

To begin his vlog series, Seth shared a recent experience at Eucharistic Adoration, looking at how Jesus meets us in the Eucharist.

Welcome to nuCatholic Media

Why did Seth start nuCatholic Media? This is a short message of his desire to share the beauty of the Catholic Church through stories of his own conversion story and the conversion stories of others. He also looks at discoveries he continues to make as he grows in his Catholic faith.

Sacraments Documentary – Trailer 1

This is the first trailer for The Sacraments documentary. In 2015, nuCatholic Media will be releasing an interactive documentary on the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church and the role that they played in a number of people’s conversions.

Journies to the Church – Michelle Paine

The first in a series of conversion story shorts, Michelle Arnold Paine talks about her journey into the Catholic Church and the role that art and the Eucharist played in her decision.